Second Time Around

A Birth Story : Aurelia Claire

*Warning graphic birth photos, some may not want to see*

We thought she was going to take her sweet time. Sitting on the couch talking to the family in England and my Father-In-Law said I looked like a Buda sitting there with my big belly. I defiantly was feeling that way. About 11:30 am my oldest needed a nap. I went to put her down and also enjoy a nap with her, hubby went to take the recycling outside. All of the sudden I heard a “POP”. I was a little bit confused by this not knowing if it did come from me or not. Then a little bit of wetness started happening so up I got (which confused my daughter) and straight to the toilet. Not much was happening but defiantly like I was uncontrollable peeing. I put on a pad and messaged my midwife “I think my waters just broke”. While I was in the washroom my daughter (who was 23 months) was running around the house and going outside since daddy left the door open. Daddy comes back in to Rachel just outside our door and I can hear “what are you doing here, where is mommy?” Then “mommy’s in the washroom… Oh! Mommy’s in the washroom!”. So I guess this is happening now, but no labour pains. Going to try for a nap again this time on my bed. Got Rachel another bottle of milk and put on Winnie the Pooh. She brought in her ponies as well.

Well trying to have a nap didn’t happen since the contractions started just after talking to my midwife. It is now about 12:30 pm and I have full on contractions! Messaged my midwife and birth Photographer “I think she is coming now!” We then called my mother to come get Rachel.

My midwife came to the house and yep I am moving fast. Not fully dilated but getting there. My contractions were only 1-2 mins apart and very strong, but fast. So off to the hospital.

Hubby and I parked the car up the hill (where free parking is) from the hospital. The walking actually helped with the contractions. It was funny watching all the people around us watch me contracting every 10 steps or so. Got down to emergency and meet our midwife at the door. When to check in and there is a line. Defiantly contracting while waiting but since I had gotten myself into a more meditation type state it didn’t look like I need help I guess. Eventually got to the desk and sent up to Labour and Delivery.

The sign for L&D at RCH photo by Matthew Elder

Not long after we got there my birth Photographer also showed up. Perfect timing!

The Time Photo by LadyBird Photography

All ready to go at 3:37pm

Keeping Calm Photo by LadyBird Photography

Most of my labour was actually incredibly intense but I quickly put myself into a more meditation mind. This helped so much more, however time sorta stopped around me and I just went with it. A few times even my midwife had to ask me if I was having a contraction. We had a little trouble attaching the monitors to me, they kept slipping off.

Monitoring Heart Beats and Contractions Photo by Vancouver Birth Photographer

Top white band is monitoring me and the bottom one is for baby. As contractions happen from the top and push down.  *Some people are woundering what the black thing on my belly is. It’s Kenetic Tape, usually used for athletes. When placed properly on the stomach it acts like abelly band helping take some pressure off of mom. You can keep it on even during labour and delivery. *

At one point I ended up in the washroom because it felt like I needed to pee so badly. Just sitting on the tolet leaned up against the cold metal bar just felt so good. Helped with some of the contractions plus I felt like it was less messy. So note to self labour on a tolet.

Matt helping me back to the bed. Photo by Vancouver Birth Photographer

As much as I was relaxed I did have some major contractions that no matter what were defantly incredably painful. This was around when my body started to push.

A Very Large Contraction Photo by Vancouver Birth Photographer

At this point I could feel my body going into over drive. I felt incredibly hot and a bit light headed. The best part of this being our second was my hubby knew what to do with out me even saying anything.

Cooling Down Photo by Vancouver Birth Photographer

Cold cloths on the back of my neck defantly helped cool me down and helped with the light headedness. Also during contractions he would push against my lower back or hips which took some of the pressure off. We learned this from our first midwife when I had Rachel.

Helping Calm a Contraction Photo by Vancouver Birth Photographer

Not Long to Go Photo by Vancouver Birth Photographer

By 4:16pm I started to really push. We moved to the bed after that.

My birth plan was go all natural but I told my midwife do what needs to be done. Luckly we had a very trusting relationship already and we’re definitely on the same page most of my pregnancy. She gave me a shot which I believe was to help with delivery, not pain.

Consoling Love Photo by Vancouver Birth Photographer

Contractions for me are very similar to my cramps just last longer so they are more intense. I believe they helped me prepare for child birth for sure. The feeling of crowning is very hard to dicrible, it’s like having the biggest poop of your life. Hurts so bad but once the head is out it is such a relief. Defantly a releace of adrenaline.

The next photo is graffic and is of my daughters head being delivered. I love this photo so much since it doesn’t show too much of my privates and shows Shawna and I working together to bring her earth side.

*Photo to come soon*

I was so excited this time around and got to help deliver my own baby. We did on hands knees since it’s less stress and I was the most comfortable this way. Plus it’s the easiest to be able to feel baby’s head and is great for photos!

Once her head was out we took a small rest and then pushed her compleatly out. Another plus side of delivering in this position was having her handed to me from between my legs and holding her right away completely in my arms. The best hug in the world.

photo by Ladybird

photo by Matthew Elder

Hubby right away messaged his parents who live in England and sent the first photos and video.

photo by Ladybird

First Video sent to England of our sweet baby opening her eyes. I was having a conversation with my midwife I believe about the afterbirth.

Video by Matthew Elder

Best part of the conversation to our family was her name. Because of the time difference Matt’s brother was the first to know. It was around midnight in England and Matt’s brother ended up calling Mum and Dad to wake them up. Lucky when he called Dad “didn’t sound pissed off” (his words not mine).

Next conversation was “What horse is she named after?”. Our first daughter we named after a famous American Race Horse and my husband’s family are all into Horse Racing. Matt told them “Calling her Treve”, this then started the crazy conversation.

Luke: “Here is Quevega “

“got it!!!”

“Here is baby Frankelle”

“I’m genius”

Matt “lol. We will have that as a reserve.”

Luke ” Melissa suggests Aurora after some bullshit Disney princess, I say it’s because of Grand National Winner Aurora’s Encore

It then went a little funny after that for awhile. Then Mum piped in.

Mum “Winnie the Winx! Geddit???”

What family did I marry into! We already had her name picked out but just needed to see her face to comferm it was the right one. I could put more of the conversation up but it does go on forever. Mum even piped in with Zenyatta. We announced “Aurelia Claire Elder”. Then the conversation of nicknames came in, and where the heck did Claire come from. Aurelia is from the horse “Lady Aurelia” from Stonestreet, Claire is “C U at EAU Claire” a horse from Hasting Track in Vancouver.

Now back to the birth.

While this conversation was happening I was busy nursing baby and passing the afterbirth. Don’t worry I won’t show the actually photos of that.

photo by Ladybird
photo by Ladybird

This time I wanted to keep the umbilical cord attached as long as possible, which I found helped birth the placenta much easier. We got some cool photos of Aurelia still attached.

Still attached to the Placenta Photo by LadyBird Phototography
photo by Vancouver Birth Photographer

I had Second-degree tearing which go into the muscles underneath in the perineum area. Just a few stitches needed. It’s a little uncomfortable but after birthing your numb so it’s not too bad. I just felt a bit of tugging. Shawna gave me a few shots to also freeze the area.

Laughs even when getting stitches Photo by LadyBird Phototography

I love this photo, it sums up the type of relationship I had with my midwife. We almost always stayed positive and I hate getting stitches but Shawna distracted me well and got me laughing. The placenta is so cool, seeing where baby was is just amazing.

Showing where baby was Photo by LadyBird Phototography
Placenta Heart Photo by LadyBird Phototography

After getting stitched up I got to have a shower. Defantly needed one right away from the birthing position I chose. It also felt amazing to get cleaned up. Aurelia got to have her one on one time with Shawna the midwife.

Time to get Checked out by the Midwife Photo by LadyBird Phototography

Video by Matthew Elder

Now to answer our big question and to see if I was right on her weight. I said she was going to be around 7lbs. I was really good at my guess this time 7lbs 9oz. Shawna and I high fives at this point.

Video by Matthew Elder

While I was showering daddy got to do some skin on skin with Aurelia. She definitely loves daddy cuddles.

photo by Ladybird

Introducing sisters. It was so adorable watching Rachel run to daddy shouting “daddy!” Then turning her head towards me and very quietly saying “baby”. We were released from the hospital after 6 hours and sent home.

Photo by Matthew Elder