Postpartum Doula

Congratulations on the birth of your newest family member! Now what?

In-person visits look a bit different for the time being as I have my newest little one joining me. Concentrating on car seat checks and installs as well as keepsakes.

I believe that during the Postpartum period everyone heals differently. Feel free to reach out and see what I can offer to help personalize your experience and make parenthood just a little bit easier.

Why hire a postpartum Doula? 

You have family helping with baby already, unlike a family member I am there to help guide you during your transition into parent hood with out any bias opinions. Or maybe you don’t have any family near by to help and you need someone to help with just every day transitions. As a doula I am there to mother you the mother. I can be there for sleep support, allowing you to have a nap or even just so you can have a bath. I can help with light duties around the house like dishes, laundry, food prep. I can be there for breastfeeding support and someone to talk things out to. The choice is up to you and it’s flexible to what is needed. I can start from day 1 after baby is born or even after your partner goes back to work. 

What is included in my service? 

Here is a break down of what is included:

  • Plan of action (can be done before baby is born)
  • Unlimited access to my lending libary
  • Unlimited Text and phone call support and knowledge 9am-6pm
  • 1 prenatal visit for preparing
  • Breast/chest feeding or alternative Support prenatal visit, right after birth and at postpartum visits
  • Mental, emotional and physical support 
  • Mental and emotional support for partner and other children
  • 8 postpartum visits to be used in the first 6 weeks after birth
  • Text, email or phone breast/chest feeding support for baby’s first 18 months

What is the cost for just a Postpartum Doula Service? 

Full package above is $500.

If you just need some extra support after the birth of your new baby, I offer a hourly rate at $25 an hour. Virtual support (phone or video) is 1-2 hour slots or 2 hour walk meeting In New West.

Want to add postpartum support to your Birth Package? $400

Photo by Amber Theresa Photography