Wild Card Number Three

When it comes to pregnancy and birth, baby number three is known as the wild card. My third baby was definitely a wild birth. First Homebirth.

Warning some photos can be a bit graphic for some. Photos of birth and placenta are shown.

Photo by Willow and Thistle Photography

Sunday I started getting intence period like pains that would last about a minute and about three in a row then nothing for hours. This went on until Tuesday. Tuesday it was every hour I would get what reminded me of early labour with my first born. My waters were still intact so I wasn’t too sure if I was in labour or not. By the evening it was getting to me harder to do things. Gave my midwifes a call to see if using a labour oil was ok. Got the ok and used it as directed. Went to bed and everything stoped, which was nice as I got to sleep. Wednesday I had my midwife appointment so my husband stayed home with me and we went together. At our appointment I got our midwife to check me. 2cm dilated but baby was still high. Midwife figured was having prodromal labour. Which feels like early labour but doesn’t do anything. Different from Braxton Hicks pain. Hubby and I then went for lunch and then home.

Thursday, I went over to RCH to get a nonstress test done just to make sure baby was doing well. No issues and everything sounded normal. Confirmed I was experiencing prodromal labour, however I was also getting early labour as well. When I walked for a distance I would get good early labour contractions, I would sit down and relax I would get prodromal labour pain. If I layed down and went to sleep it would all stop. After my test I joined my family at the park and enjoyed playing with the girls for a little while then walked up the hill to our car to head home. At this point more pain started but nothing too bad. Got home and things started to progress. Called the midwife to come over. We started to get things ready just incase it started to pick up. Decided to just set up for a home birth and then be left alone for dinner and putting the kids to bed.

Our girls played upstairs while we went for a walk to get dinner. Contractions continued to get stronger while waiting in the sushi restaurant for our take out. Note to everyone do not have sushi if your in labour. I got my favorite Bento box and unfortunately it didn’t stay down. After dinner the girls went back upstairs to play before bed. I had a shower and luckily that’s when I tossed up my dinner. More labour pain started. Got hubby to call our midwife back. While waiting for everyone he also put our youngest to bed. Texted our doula and photographer to come as well.

Photo by Vancouver Birth Photographer

Our oldest stayed up since she didn’t want to miss any of it. Helping our midwife check baby’s heart rate, giving mommy hugs and hanging out with daddy. She ended up falling asleep somewhere around 10pm.

At around 11:00pm I decided that this labour was just not going anywhere and with my midwife decided that breaking my water was my new plan of action. I didn’t want to become too tired and was physically ready for baby to be earth side. My own mother had her waters broken in hospital with both my brother and I so knowing that and not really wanting to wait and see if I could have a mermaid birth, helped make my decision. I think if I was going to have a water birth then things would be a bit different. At around 11:20pm my midwife broke my waters. At this point baby’s head made its way down a bit more which was also a big release for me. I physically could feel his position and it felt so much better. About 15mins after very intense contractions took over my body. I just listened to what my body was wanting to do and let it take over. I ended up heading into our bedroom at the side of my bed. I laboured with Rachel here and felt the safest. Our doula Olivia joined me and brought cold cloths.

I had a brief moment where I thought “why am I doing this, why did I decided to do a home birth”. Luckily that thought didn’t last long. I reminded myself I had done this two times before and without medication. I was strong and can bring another baby earth side without fear.

This birth I had to channel a deeper inner self. Once I moved into a area that had more room I could feel baby coming down. Because things were moving so fast the feeling was much more intense with each contraction. At one point I knew I was already pushing but I couldn’t relay that to my midwifes. I could picture my baby moving down into place and I could feel his head exactly were I needed it to be. With each contraction I would feel and picture where his head was and where I wanted it to be. Remembering that feeling once the head was birthed helped in this moment. Already having two births helped so much to go through a much more intense birth. I wanted to get to the goal of his head being born.

Holding him in my arms immediately all the pain disappeared. My body knew what it needed to do and it was all for this moment. While I was concentrating on what I needed to do everyone around me was helping in many different ways. Once his head started to crown our midwife Dana called to my husband to wake up our daughter who passed out at the 10pm mark. Everyone (except our 1.5 year old) was present for baby’s birth. 12:27am on January 31st 2020 Liam was finally here. Because of being a very quick birth he didn’t get that good squeeze that happens when the end part of birth take some time and had a bit more liquid on his lungs. Our midwife Dana helped with getting that good first cry by performing a massage on him. He let out a fantastic cry quickly after that.

Midwife Dana helping Liam breath better. Photos by Vancouver Birth Photographer

Rachel was in aw of her new brother right away. We asked if she wanted to cut the cord but I mix of excitement and tiredness took over and she declined very quickly.

Midwife Dana then took Liam while Midwife Carlie and Doula Olivia helped me onto the bed. We then just waited for the placenta to be birthed. Some skin to skin and family cuddles while waiting. Liam then had his checks and Rachel helped.

After birthing placenta our midwifes took it into the other room where Rachel then wanted to see it so Midwife Dana helped show her. Rachel also helped Doula Olivia clean up.

I handed off Liam to Matt and Rachel for some skin to skin so I could have a shower. After birth shower is so satisfying. After I got out I noticed the door to the girls room was open a bit and a tiny hand was holding onto it. Aurelia finally woke up after sleeping through all of the noise.

We ended the night as a family all together. After everyone left the girls slept at the foot of our bed.

Photo by Vancouver Birth Photographer