Labour and Birth

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Now for the fun stuff. 

Certified Labour & Birth Doula with Doula Canada

Currently birth doula services are not being offered as we wait on the upcoming birth of my fourth. Feel free to email me for a list of doulas that serve New Westminster.

Why hire me as your Labour and Birth Doula?

I am naturally a very calm person and very quick thinking in difficult situations. I have carried and birthed three children of my own, vaginal births without pain medication. I believe being in the right state of mind and having support was a big contribute to being able to do this for me. I love to help create calm spaces for others and walk along side. I have worked in my community directly with people, mostly children since I was 12. I know how to read my surroundings and adapt to what is needed in the moment. 

What is included in my service?

Here is a break down of what is included:

  • Birth plan (done at first prenatal visit)
  • Unlimited access to my lending library
  • Unlimited Text and phone call support and knowledge throughout pregnancy 9am-6pm
  • On-call 24/7 from 37 weeks until birth
  • 2 prenatal visits
  • Breast/chest feeding or alternative Support prenatal visit, right after birth and at postpartum visits
  • Labour exercise class (at 1 of your prenatal visits)
  • Labour kit (Tens Machine, Rebozo or labour scarf, birth ball, massage tools)
  • Help with labouring techniques/positions
  • Listening to how your feeling and helping you through your thoughts
  • Help with birthing positions
  • Help guide birthing partner with labouring techniques to join in the moment
  • Listen to birth partner and help them through any emotions they might feel
  • 2 postpartum visits in home or hospital (1-2 hours each)
  • Help with siblings for homebirths
  • Simple birth photos (you will receive a USB or a download with all the photos)
  • Newborn Hand and Foot prints on cardstock or canvas.
  • Two Art keepsakes. Choices from belly casting, belly art, placenta prints, handprint/footprint art, family tree hand prints, sibling hand/foot print art or Generation Hands painting.

When should I hire a Doula?

You can hire a doula at any point. Earlier the better, but it’s never to late. There is much that a doula can help prepare you for every stage of pregnancy, labour and birth.

What is the cost for just Labour and Birth Doula Service?

If you don’t need extra support after baby arrives but would like the preparation for labour and the extra support for you (and your partner) during labour and birth it is $1400. Payment plans are always available and a sliding scale is available for those who qualify.

When do you join for labour?

I can come visit at any point of your labour even in prelabour if you would like some guidelines or just to have a quick visit. Once in active labour (unless otherwise discussed) I will stay with you, taking breaks as needed. If your having a hospital birth I will join you once admitted or in triage. Homebirth if supported by a partner, I will stay once in active labour but can visit as much as you would like for early labour. If your waters have broken we can make a plan of action to see how labour progress to if you want me to stay by your side or not. Some progress quickly while others more steady. In active labour I can be of more use where in early labour it is best to rest.

Photo by Vancouver Birth Photographer