Bereavement Doula

The hardest part of becoming a parent is loss. We all experience loss sometime in our lives but loosing a child is the unimaginable. No matter what stage the emotions you are feeling are real. Sometimes you need that little extra support. I can create a special package to help with transiting back into life. I have put together resources and information available just by request as well as doula services to fit what you might need. 

Training in miscarriage, abortion, still birth and SIDS.

I am currently in school for Infant and Pregnancy Loss with Doula Canada. I have attended class with Jessica Austin birthtakesavillage on Miscarriage and abortion for doulas. My resource package is be available to everyone at no cost. Please contact me for more details.

Cost of my services is a sliding scale from $300. With all other services I offer, 10% goes directly into a fund. This fund is used to cover the costs for family’s expecting loss and needing a Loss Doula. People can also donate any amount towards this program. I am currently in the creating stage for this program and more information will be available later this year. 

Memorial Keepsakes

Avalible to all families. Some projects are not able to be done depending on gestational age and other contributing factors. Cost is only for materials and may be covered from the bereavement fund. Contact me for more information.

  • Belly Casting session
  • Hand and footprint art
  • Family Tree
  • Placenta Art
  • Lock of hair

I have partnered up with a Small Prints Vancouver North. They specializes in capturing your loved one’s actual hand and footprints directly into handcrafted sterling silver keepsakes allowing you to keep them close to your heart.

Below is a PDF about what is available.

Photo by: Kandes Krepski

For more information on what a Infant and Pregnancy Loss Doula is allowed to do see file below on my school’s scope of practice. I follow this set of “rules” in my schooling and buisness.
Doula Canada IPLS Scope of Practice

To Inquire about Loss support please email me at