What better way to remember the little thing but by preserving them in art. Included in Doula services are one of these projects or you can purchase them alone.

Discounts available for those asking for multiple services.

Belly casting

Sample from three belly only castings
  • In-person casting session $100 – $200
  • DIY Kit $70 (includes: plaster strips precut, paint colour of your choice, paint brushes, gloves, container, moisturizer and plastic wrap or petroleum jelly and instructions)
  • In person service available anytime but best for gestational age 30-37 weeks
  • Bereavement belly casting available please send an email for more information.
Quick look at Bellycasting on myself

Family Tree Handprints

Sample of Family Tree Art
(Mum, Dad, 4y, 2y and 3m)
  • In-person service $100
  • DIY Kit $80 (includes wood or canvas with tree painted, paint colours of your choice, paint brushes, wipes and instructions.)
  • Available for everyone at any time

Baby handprint/footprint Art

Sample of Sibling Art ( 6 month old and 2 year old)
  • In-person session $80
  • DIY Kit $40 ( includes: canvas pre painted scene, paint hoice, paint brushes, wipes and instructions.)
  • Available for everyone at anytime

Placenta Prints

Sample of food colouring simple print

Food colouring or natural colour used, added figures or animals added onto photo. You receive one plain print, one custom design and one artist choice. If you want to keep the cord keep in mind the food colouring discolours the cord, natural colour can be used from the leftover blood in the cord.

  • Just Placenta Print $50 for 2 prints (Pick-up service 1-12 hours after birth)
  • Artist placenta prints $100 for 4 prints(or more)
  • Available for only under 12 hours birthed or frozen placentas under 6 months.

Stitched Memories

Simple stitched memories onto canvas or fabric. Can be interpreted using ultrasound photos or placentas.

  • Just custom stitch on canvas starting at $20
  • Onto tote bag starting at $50
  • Add more details $quoted

I have partnered up with Small Print Vancouver North who specializes in capturing your loved one’s actual hand and footprints directly into handcrafted sterling silver keepsakes allowing you to keep them close to your heart. Ink-less print Kits are available at $12.00. You may use yourself or I am available to assist with getting a print at the hospital or during a postpartum visit.

Below is a PDF on what is available to order.