Statistics and Benefits of hiring a Doula

50% Reduction in Cesarean rate

Doulas help families by giving them ongoing support in making informative decisions in there pregnancy and during labour. They help give credible resources and researched information on options for labour and birth. Helping keep a calm supportive environment. Physical and emotional help during labour also reduces the need more medical intervention or pain management.

25% Shorter Labour

The biggest reason I can think of to why this happens is that doulas help keep things calm. Hiring a doula you trust can give you a peace of mind and help relax you. Relaxing is a huge part of helping labour do it’s job. Dilation can happen faster why your body is relaxed.

60% Reduction in Epidural Request

The physical suport doulas offer can be almost as beneficial as taking medication for pain management during labour. Also keeping a calm environment and helping focus can lower the need for medical help. Giving families information on the many different options and alternatives.

30% Reduction in Pain Medication

Helping lowing labour times with physical pain management and calm environments reduces the need for further medical help.

40% Reduction in Forceps Delivery

By helping at the end of pregnancy and during labour with techniques to help dilation and birthing positions. Increasing the possibility on movement and options during the birthing process. The need for forceps can be lowered by just changing positioning while at the end of labour to help position baby and birther’s pelvis in the best way.

40% Reduction in Pitocin

What is Pitocin and why is it good Doula help reduce the use of Pitocin?
Pitocin (brand name) is a synthetic form of oxytocin. Its commonly used to induce or bring on active labour. It can be used to prevent postpartum hemorrhaging. Pitocin is used for a few different reasons and some are a medical necessity.

The benefits of not taking Pitocin
You naturaly produce oxytocin and most will not need any extra help. In some research in the USA they have found synthetic oxytocin interfere in the natural process womens hormones play. The contractions brought on naturaly is also very different then ones brought on with synthetic oxytocin.

The benefits of taking Pitocin Together with naturaly occurring Oxytocin, Pitocin can help with dilation. If your cervix is slow moving or stalled taking Pitocin can help get things moving again. In other cases baby might be at risk and Pitocin can be used to help get things moving quickly.

How doulas help lower the number of Pitocin use.

Many times Pitocin is used to induce. Doulas help lower the number of pregnancies needing induction. By helping mothers with other ways to bring on labour naturaly makes needing induction using Pitocin much less. Allowing naturaly occurring Oxytocin to take over. Oxytocin is the hormone that induces and strengthen uterine contractions during labour.

Please talk with your pregnancy health care provider for more information and to talk about the advantages and risks to taking Pitocin.

More information on Pitocin:

Inducing Labor


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