Fourth Month

Welcome to the Second Trimester!

Week 14

Time is just flying by. Almost half way there! Hopefully morning sickness has subsided, if your like me it’s definitely become more controlable. You might be feeling bursts of energy and starting to see a little bump. Depending on how baby is being held, your own body shape or if it’s a first pregnancy, will determine when you start to show. For me being my third I started showing a bit earlier then the last two, I also go very outward in the begining with my babies.

Some fun changes to expect for week 14. Baby should be about 3 1/2 inches now, also moving lots, practicing those cute facial expressions and might even suck it’s cute little thumb. For mom you might have some round ligament pain from your growing womb, many might experience headaches or become light headed easier. Shortness of breath can also become a new issue as your growing womb pushes all your organs around, which can create pressure on your lungs. For me I am definitely having issues breathing like normal. For first time mom’s this can be a bit concerning but it’s very normal. Best is to sit down, have a glass of water and practice slow easy breathing. If you practice yoga or meditation this is a great time to do your breathing exercises. Another oh so fun (rolling eyes) second trimester fun is the need to pee so much more.

Week 15

So thankful this summer is cooler then the last few years. Being pregnant and hot is not a great combination. On the bright side baby is starting to look more and more like a little human. All those cute little facial features are forming and limbs are becoming proportional to the rest of baby’s body. Still got alot of growing to do!

Week 16

This week hasn’t been my favorite. Started off great and celebrated my 32nd birthday with family. Then it hit me, I got sick. Luckily I figured out what was happening very quickly. When I was pregnant with my second at 21weeks I ended up getting a UTI. I didn’t think anything of it and just left a message to make an appointment with my midwife. Well with pregnancy and getting a UTI it can turn into a kidney infection very quickly. Long story short I ended up in Hosptial for 5 days. This time I knew what to do and what to look for. I ended up calling my family doctor as soon as I thought it was a UTI. It was 9pm and they have a great urgency line that I can talk to one of the on call doctors. He got me medication prescribed asap to pick up at a 24h pharmacy. The next day I went in to confirm it was a UTI so I could continue with the medication. Called my midwifes to update them with what happened and now I am going to be tested every month to be safe. I am so thankful no Hosptial trip this time. Baby also I very happy as I have now started to feel little movements. Not every one will get those first feelings but I find with each pregnancy the earlier I feel them. At this stage it’s like little flutters or ” butterflies”.

Week 17

Time is flying by. Feeling almost 100% again and the hot weather has started up again. My older kids are keeping me busy and sometimes I forgot i am even pregnant. I got to take my first pregnancy photo this week sporting a cute little bump.

Got myself a few new pregnancy tops and I absolutely love this one. “Holy Guacamole I’m Pregnant!”. Before I had children I could hardly eat avacado’s but now it’s my favorite pregnancy food. This pregnancy I find all I want to eat is fresh fruit and vegetables. I was very similar with my other two pregnancies but this time it’s much more noticeable for me. Strange dreams also can start which for some can cause a bit alarm but it’s just those crazy pregnancy hormones again. Usually it’s due to lack of proper sleep. I definitely suffer from insomnia when pregnant but it comes and goes. Having a warm bath with Epson salts and lavender oil I find helps alot. If you have older kids that don’t sleep through the night yet now is a great time to try and start helping them figure out how to self sooth and sleep longer. We have a 15 month old and when I was sick she had to deal without me helping at night which was a blessing in disguise as now she is sleeping better and longer on her own. More sleep for mama now!

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