Sixth Month

Racing into the 6th month….

So much has changed and so much more to come! Who is going to take advantage of having a baby bump for Halloween this year?

I am!!

Week 23

So sleepy! Having two other children to run after definitely is adding to this, but it’s very normal to want to nap. With my first this is when I started coming home for lunch from work just to have a nap. My second pregnancy I would nap with my first born and now I am lucky if I get to close my eyes at all.

As for baby, feeling lots of movement lately? This is the month were crazy moves and stretches happen. Getting everything working and still lots of room to move around. Some even say it feels like baby is swimming from one side of the womb to the other. Baby’s face is also starting to gain some weight and add that extra but to make those cute little cheeks we all love to squish. Weight wise baby is around 20oz now!

Week 24

Weather isn’t helping much this week. Having lots of very cold days then the random burst of hot is making this pregnancy crazy to dress for. Also started getting the itchy belly, which is from the stretching as well as having very dry skin. Definitely using more moisturizer now. This also will help with stretch marks later.

Baby will be starting to develop actual hair. This is when many start to experience heartburn. The old wife’s tale is that the worse heartburn you get the more hair baby will be born with. So far my other two pregnancies have proven this, both born with a good amount of hair and I definitely had some wicked heartburn.

Week 25

It’s getting harder to remember writing these blog posts. Between taking care of a three year old and 1 year old as well as being pregnant and working, I don’t know where the day goes.

What to expect this week? You might start feeling very pregnant at this point. As baby gets bigger and your uterus grows you might start getting pressure on your bladder or ribs. This is completely normal but definitely a pain. Making sure you drink plenty of water and empty your bladder often can sometimes help. To help with rib pain, I found practicing prenatal yoga to be the best thing at this point. Swimming or lying in a warm bath can also help relax your body and relieve some of that pressure.

Week 26

Heartburn oh heartburn I definitely didn’t miss this. Almost nothing is helping me this pregnancy. With my first it was all about smelling alcohol. We discovered this one night when my husband wanted me to smell his new scotch from England. Right away the heartburn I was experiencing disappeared, we tried this a few times before deciding it actually was working. My second pregnancy tums worked the best or a very large glass of homo milk/ chocolate milk, which ever we had more of in the fridge.

This week I went to my midwives for our monthly check in. Not much to talk about as I also was going in for all my blood tests right after.

Here is the dressed up Halloween bump…and my other cuties dressed up. Happy Hallowe’en!

Week 27

I love having myehealth to check on my own test results. For many I definitely advise against it, especially if you don’t know how to read the numbers properly. For me I do know how to read most of it but also find it very interesting. Last week I was fighting a cold, so was the rest of my family. My blood tests definitely showed this as my white blood cells were up a bit. Noting worrying but confirmed I definitely had a cold of some sort and not just pregnancy related sickness. Best news was not having gestational diabetes again. My first pregnancy I was .2 over which meant I still needed to be monitored. My second pregnancy I was completely normal and this time around I did the 1 hour test and again normal. I am working on a blog post for everyone about GD and explaining the difference between gestational diabetes and regular diabetes.