Eighth Month

Week 32

At this point most babies are around 18″ long. That’s alot of baby in there! If your anything like me it’s hard to imagine that much baby fits into such a small area. Some fun things baby might be doing are sucking their thumb and moving around to bring their head into position. Lots of movement going on to turn or rotate into that perfect spot in your pelvis. There are lots of thing you can do to try and help make room to help baby into position. My favorite is going swimming and letting my belly hang in the water. Thia also helps take some of that lower pressure off for mom. Yoga is also great to open up your pelvis. Childs Pose, Downward Dog and Deep Squats. If you have a yoga block, place it under your bum to help balance when doing deep squats.

Week 33

This week has been a crazy pregnancy brain type of week. I forgot my midwife appointment. Even with being organized, two calenders and my own mother having my appointments written down as well I still managed to blank this one. Luckily it wasn’t overly important. Plus my whole house has come down with sickness. We all have had head colds off and on the last few weeks. Definitely not fun with young children and being pregnant.

Week 34

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I have started drinking Red Rasberry Leaf Tea now. A little late in starting as I usually start at 30/32 weeks. What is Red Rasbwrry Leaf Tea you ask? This wounderful tea has been used for centeries and all over the world. It is made from the leafs off of the Red Rasberry bush. It promotes womens health, helps strengthen the uturus, can help soften the cervix and can help promote milk production.

Baby should be still moving lots and trying to get into position. Keep up light exercise or stretching to help your body prepare. Don’t over do your self as things will take longer to do.

Week 35

Happy New Year!!!

At this point I am surprised I stayed up to ring in the New Year. Enjoyed some homemade cocktails of orange juice and pop while playing DD for a few friends.

How is baby doing at this point? All those boys, well their little testicles are descending. Baby will also be at the point where everything should be finished or finishing development and at 35 weeks an early baby won’t be considered premature in many cases.

Some fun facts for Mom to watch out for at this point. Don’t be afraid to cough or sneeze “like a man” (for lack of a better term). By allowing yourself to allow a more forceful outward motion instead of trying to keep it concealed you have less chances I peeing yourself. This is a wonderful side effect to baby putting pressure on bladder. If you are worried just wear a light panty liner daily. I also personally just keep extra underwear in my bag. The pad or linner is also a great thing to start using as you might notice an increace of discharge. Usually a thick white discharge is very common to experience the closer you get to the end stretch. Last fun fact to keep in mind and this is more for first timers, “practice” contractions might become more frequent. These are also known as Braxton Hicks. They are not achualy practice contractions as they do play a large roll in preparing your uturus for labour. However you are not in labour when these happen so don’t worry. Also not every person will feel these contractions. I never noticed them with my first and definitely feel them more now with this being my third.