Baby Wearing

While doing some research on baby wearing and different techniques I came across something I hadn’t heard before. Carrying a baby using a wrapping technique used by Welsh women (and men) called Siol Fagu “Nursing Shawl”. Using various materials made of wool, fleece, or flannel, about 6 feet square with 6 inch fringe on the end shawl/blanket is used to wrap around mother and baby holding baby into place on mum’s hips. No use of knots is required which makes this technique much more comfortable and easily used when layering under or over clothing.

David Morgan: Welsh Nursing Shawls — Siol Fagu

Reading about baby wearing in different cultures has always fascinated me but I didn’t have much information on my own cultural history. This was mainly because in todays world we mainly hear about third world countries or indigenous cultures baby wearing. In the western world we are obsessed with these beautiful techniques. I use a Rebozo in my doula practice which comes from Mexico and I personally use a wrapping technique called a criss cross carry. With my first I made my own wrap using a knitted material about 6 meters long and 3 meters wide. Photo below:

My second born carried in my homemade wrap.

After learning more about baby carrying from my own family origins, I am going to attempt to make my own nursing shawl for baby number three. I would like to buy one from Wales however I will not be over to the United Kingdom until about April. I will be definitely looking into a few shops when over to see if I can purchase one.

Articles and websites I read on Welsh Nursing Shawls.