How do you name a baby?

So many parents struggle with finding a name that everyone agrees on. The lucky ones have a name already in mind before even conception. For those who struggle there are baby name books, websites and apps. Then there are the strange ones, like my husband and I.

For our first born it was much easier. I have names I loved since I was little and we also didn’t have too many friends with children’s yet so we didn’t need to worry about that. Boy names were the easiest as we both agreed almost right away. Girl names we had a few we both liked. We then ended up naming her after a famous race horse (the debate in the family is to who suggested it first. My husband or his brother). Rachel Alexandra. Luck for us she also ended up having initials that are also an acronym R.A.E. which is her nickname as well. So with our second born we had a challenge.

  1. Baby must have a racehorse name
  2. The initials must form a word or name

For boy names it was a little easier. Lots of male horses end up being named after famous people. Like Dylan Thomas, however the acronym part of baby naming didn’t work so well with some names. We decided that if baby was a boy that the acronym part could be excluded if we found a name we loved. We’ll we found out we were expecting another girl. Challenge excepted. Rachel Alexandra the horse comes from Stone Street Farms in Kentucky. They have many amazing racehorses. One of them raced at Ascot in England, Lady Aurelia. I fell in love with that name. We then needed to figure out a middle name, this was much easier since we go to Hastings Race Track in Vancouver and there are some amazing fillies. We decided on Claire, after the horse C U at Eclaire. A.C.E.

Baby number three now no matter what we need a race horse name and acronym. Found out we were expecting a boy. I asked my husband on the way home what horse names come to mind. He said Liam’s Map. I instantly fell in love with it. Now middle name was tricky. We both love the name Elwood and had it always in the back of our heads since before having our first. But it wasn’t a racehorse, or so we thought. Randomly on a date night we discovered that a horse names Elwood was on of the first runners for the Kentucky Derby. From that day I knew our little one was going to be Liam Elwood. L.E.E.

Photo by Vancouver Birth Photographer

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