The Last Week (s)

If you have made it this far don’t worry. Babies all have their own plans on when to make their appearance earth side. Your little one will soon be on its way.

Week 40

Yet again I personally didn’t make it this far. Baby boy joined us at 39 +4 weeks. If you are still waiting then don’t worry. Enjoy the last bit of pregnancy. Focus on light work around the house and getting things into place. Pamper yourself with a prenatal massage or pedicure. Go for little walks and lunches out. If you have older children do some one on one time with them.

Week 41

Some people start to get very worried at this point. Don’t be. Remember due date is an estimate not a perfect science. There are many things you can try to help baby get ready or to naturally induce. First I almost always tell my clients and friends is sex. Orgasms produce oxytocin which can help stimulate contractions. Semen can also help ripen or soften the cervix. This is because it contains prostaglandins, a hormone that helps to stimulate the begining of labour. Your body produces these naturally. Please talk to your midwife or OB if you think your waters have broken before having sex, as the risk of infection is greater. Induction of an artificial prostaglandins can be given as well by your midwife or OB.

I’ll be writing a blog post on helping to naturally induce.